Philomath Montessori School welcomes students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, religion, family structure, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, abilities, or other legally protected status to all the rights, privileges, and programs, and in the administration of its educational and admission policies, tuition assistance, and loan programs, and other school-administered programs.

Our Admission Process

The optimal age for enrollment at Philomath Montessori School is from 30 months to 3½ years. Children 4½ and over who have not previously attended a Montessori school are generally not eligible for admission. 

All children must be reliably independent in using the toilet prior to admission.

Our admission process begins with an appointment where parents have the opportunity to visit our classroom and see what makes the Montessori approach so special. After observing the classroom, the director will contact you to answer your questions and share more about enrollment at Philomath Montessori School.

If you loved what you saw during your visit and would like your child to reap the benefits of a Montessori education at Philomath Montessori School, the next step is submitting an application.

Applications are submitted using our online application form. Applications must be accompanied by a $55 application fee and a $50 application deposit (refundable if your child does not enroll), paid via PayPal. 

Upon receipt of your application and fees, we will send a letter of acknowledgment and further information about the status of your child’s enrollment.

Our Admission Policies

Waiting Pool Policy

The Philomath Montessori School strives to admit children to our school in a fair and timely manner. At the same time, we aim to maintain a balance of ages, genders, and diversity in the classroom. Upon receipt of an application and fees, children are added to the waiting pool. Openings in the classroom are filled from the waiting pool and children are considered for enrollment once eligible for enrollment.


  • Enrollment eligibility when space is available is subject to maintaining classroom balance, while remaining committed to our policy of nondiscrimination. 
  • Siblings of present or past students take the highest priority, followed by transfer students from other Montessori programs, and then all other applicants.
  • Children under 2½ or over 4½ years old are generally not eligible for admission. We invite parents of younger children to apply so they can be added to the waiting pool for admission when they are age-eligible and space is available. Older students may be eligible with the consent of the teachers.
  • Philomath Montessori School makes every effort to admit each child in our waiting pool into the classroom, however, we cannot guarantee an opening during the time frame a child is eligible to be admitted.

Fee Schedule & Tuition Deposit

Application Fee: $55

Application Deposit: $50 (applied to tuition deposit upon enrollment)

Registration Fee (returning students only): $55

Tuition Deposit, Morning Session: $650

Tuition Deposit, Full Day: $1125

Tuition Depoist, Kindergarten: $925


Annual Tuition

Morning Session (ages 2½ to 4): $6,500

Full Day (eligible based on space and teacher’s discretion, ages 3 & 4): $11,250

Kindergarten (ages 5 & 6): $9250


Sibling Discount: 10% of the lesser of the two tuition rates

Only one tuition deposit is required per family


Want to learn more?

Please contact us to schedule your visit to our school or with any questions you may have about enrollment.