Immunization Data

Per Senate Bill 895, we are required to post immunization records for each individual vaccine required by state law, as well as inform families twice a year. Below are our current immunization statistics.

Immunization Data for Preschool Age Children (as of 5/15/17)

21 total students
81% complete for all vaccines
19% non-medical exemption for all vaccines
86% DTAP complete / 14% exemption
86% Polio complete / 14% exemption
86% Varicella complete / 14% exemption
86% MMR complete / 14% exemption
86% Hep B complete / 14% exemption
81% Hep A complete / 14% exemption
86% Hib complete / 19% exemption

PhMS Preschool Age Immunization Rates Graph

PhMS is not required to provide Immunization Rates for enrolledĀ school aged children based on enrollment numbers.

Local Area Immunization Rates

Benton County Preschool Immunization Rates

Benton County School Aged Immunization Rates