Guidance Policy

Approach & Simple Situations

Our objective for each child in the Montessori environment is for her to develop “self discipline.”  The environment is prepared to offer the children a wide variety of satisfying and purposeful activities.  The need for external discipline can often be met by redirecting the child toward one of these more appropriate uses of energy.  We believe the use of positive commands and/or describing and informing the child of what we see can be very effective in eliciting cooperative behavior.  Simply saying “Please walk.” instead of “Don’t run.” can have positive results.

Many behavior patterns which affect the group are handled in a nonthreatening way though the use of “grace and courtesy lessons”.  The teacher models the behavior, and the children are given an opportunity to practice.

When circumstances indicate a child is in need of constant adult attention for a short period of time, the child may become “partners” with the teacher or assistant teacher until she is able to be self-directing again.

In situations where the child is screaming, pinching, kicking or hitting, the child is saying to us “Help me, I’m out of control.”  We will help the child by isolating her in the classroom and giving her an opportunity to regain self-control.  Under no circumstances will physical punishment be permitted.

Adverse Situations

It is important to the PhMS staff that all children feel safe and secure in the school environment, and therefore protected by the teacher and assistant teacher from injury.  Any child exhibiting extreme violent behavior will be sent home from school.  Aggressive behavior, such as biting, kicking, and hitting, is not permitted in school.  Your cooperation and support of the school in this policy will aid greatly in maintaining an atmosphere of calm and peace.  In the case where on-going problems persist, a parent teacher conference will be arranged as soon as possible.  At the conference the following procedures shall be employed:

  1. Establish goals that are acceptable to the teacher and parents
  2. Develop a plan to reach established goals
  3. Arrange for a follow-up conference

The Philomath Montessori School reserves the right to dismiss any child when the school believes that the placement of the child in PhMS is not in the best interests of the child or the school as a whole.  Except in extreme cases, 14 days notice of dismissal will be given.

Parental Misconduct

If a parent engages in behavior creating a danger or disruption to the school environment, to the children or the staff, the family may be required to withdraw immediately.